Mid-Michigan feeling early winter fatigue ahead of a weather advisory on Saturday

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (01/17/2020) - The winter weather brings more than just cold air. For some, that's not the worst part.

It's the trouble that comes along with it: power outages, canceling plans, and icy roads.

The winter fatigue is kicking in early this year.

With the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday, it's a three-day weekend for many, which means plans to get out of the house.

Instead, people spent Friday night at gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores, gearing up for what will probably be yet another snowy Saturday indoors.

"We had plans this weekend. My son is twelve, and you just want to get out and play, and you have to worry about, 'Are they going to get sick? Is it too cold to play outside? Are the roads going to freeze right away? Are they going to be slippery and dangerous?' You just never really know," Burton resident, Jaclyn Teare said.

The Shrine Circus is in town, and Teare planned to take her son. Instead of preparing for that, she was picking up salt, groceries, and prescriptions ahead of a winter advisory on Saturday.

She's not the only one getting ready. Debra Miller usually grocery shops on Saturday or Sunday, but changed her schedule to avoid driving in the snow this weekend.

"I just don't like it on the roads at all. I wouldn't mind the cold or the snow, as long as it stayed off the roads," she said.

It's not exactly the roads she fears. It's who's on them.

"I'm afraid of other peoples' driving because they don't pay attention, so I'm going to be safe and stay home. I've actually seen somebody fly by me before and then end up in the ditch, so just slow down," Miller said.

For others like Doug Bacon who still has to work at his collision shop on Saturday, it means more than making sure he's ready. It also means getting his truck ready too.

"I've already got salt for my parking lot and stuff, and I've got my blade on. I was working on my truck today to get it running smooth. I did all the checking for the oil, the antifreeze, the tire pressure, and everything that you need to get done, so that the truck is ready to do that, and it don't break down on me when I get out there," Bacon said.

On Saturday, the Genesee County Road Commissioner says there will be 50 trucks on the roads, making sure they're not getting too slick.

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