Mid-Michigan hit with flooding after heavy storms

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) - (05/25/2019) - Heavy rains early Saturday morning left several parts of Mid-Michigan underwater.

Justin Stratton and Shalina Aguilar watched part of the Birch Run Road wash away in front of their Tuscola County home Saturday morning.

"I was shocked,” said Aguilar. “I wasn't expecting this to happen."

The two put out cones blocking the road hazard between Belsay and Vassar Rd.
Being a popular travel route, Stratton said it's causing drivers headaches, especially during the holiday weekend.

"It’s causing a little frustration because this is the main strip and it's going to put a delay on everybody's travels,” said Stratton.

About 10 miles down the road, drivers found traveling through Birch Run was difficult Saturday morning.

Jeff Miller has lived in the area nearly his entire life and said it's the worst he's seen since the 1980s.

The backyard is flooded, which has never happened ever,” said Miller.

As an employee for the town's department of public works, Miller said the drains were overwhelmed by the overnight rains and now it's just a waiting game.

"It's one of those God put it there, God's going to take it away things,” said Miller. “When it goes down we'll have to deal with the aftermath."

Main Street in downtown Birch Run was closed Saturday afternoon due to flooding. But Paul Rigda and Zack Lopez brought out other means of transportation – a canoe.

"So then my neighbor came over and he had a canoe in his yard and we're like I got to see if it will canoe around the yard,” said Rigda.

The two said everything was underwater or soaking wet so there wasn't much they could do with their flooded basements and yards.

And so they decided to go with the flow -- of the neighborhood.

"We were up and down by the Goal Post back to the high school, floating,” said Rigda. “Oh yeah, it was a good ole time."

The City of Frankenmuth also suffered from the heavy rains and announced on their Facebook page that trash pick-up would be delayed this week.
They also mentioned if you have water damaged items place them at the curb or drop them at the two large dumpsters at City Hall.

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