Every time it rains, this family worries about floods surrounding their house

SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (06/10/2019) - Every year, at least once a year for the past eight years, Tamara Kienutske said her yard turns into a lake.

"Very frustrating," she said. "I want to move. I own this house free and clear. I want to move I want to get out of here, so we can enjoy our yard."

Kienutske dreads seeing rain in the forecast because of what may end up happening. Her home was surrounded by water Monday morning after a rainy Sunday.

"I freaked out because I didn't even think it rained that hard," Kienutske said.

Adding to her frustration, the lack of help in identifying who she needs to talk to in order to get the problem fixed.

"I've been on with the road commission, city of Owosso, the township and nobody can tell me who owns what or who I need to contact to get this taken care of," Kienutske said.

She said she can't keep living like this, but her options are limited as a single mom. It's why she feels trapped in her own home.

"My dad bought me this house before he passed, so I want something done so I can keep my home and not have to tear something down," Kienutske said

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