Mid-Michigan parents hope De La Salle incident can spark conversations about preventing hazing

Published: Nov. 1, 2019 at 11:37 PM EDT
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(11/01/19) - Almost 50% of college students say they were hazed before college, according to

And according to a study conducted at the University of Maine by Dr. Elizabeth Allen and Dr. Mary Madden, 95% of those students say they did not report the incident.

Whether it's emotional or physical, hazing can take on many forms.

It's described as any action that can intentionally cause embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule.

"It's not right, and I think that conversations need to be had between parent and student athlete or whoever is involved. Communication is the biggest thing," mid-Michigan parent Kendra Moore said.

Moore says parents need to know that hazing does exist, and it's best to be proactive about it.

"Make kids aware that it happens and if anything does happen, make sure that they report it," Moore said.

Aside from reminding them to speak up, parents say it's important to present the bigger picture, and remind kids to view themselves as a role model.

"Our elementary kids live to be these high school kids, especially if they're going to be student athletes someday. We constantly talk with our older kids, 'Hey, you don't realize this, but you are a huge role model to them,' so I think just putting it out that way to your kids really gets your kids thinking," Athletic Director, Drew Severn said.

Chad Moore, a mid-Michigan parent, says greeting a new member of a team should not involve hazing. Instead, good role models should welcome others with open arms.

"Welcome them into the team. Welcome them into the fold, so they're part of the family. You walk up to them and start a conversation with them. You know they're already out of their element a little bit. They're trying to just fit in, and you need to make them feel comfortable," Moore said.

We've got information on how you can help prevent future cases of hazing. Visit for helpful tips and illustrations. You can click the link in our related links tab.