Pastor: 'Pray for peace and reconciliation on Korean Peninsula'

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MOUNT MORRIS (WJRT) (06/12/18) -- The peaceful talks between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un today are being felt right here in mid Michigan.

Myung Sung Han, a South Korean pastor at Unity Presbyterian Church in Mount Morris says while there's a lot of work yet to be done, today's summit is a good step in the right direction.

"I think it's been late, but I think it's time,the U.S. needs a different situation in the Korean peninsula and North Korea definitely needs some economic development," Han said.

He says he's happy that the two countries have come this far; however, it was just a couple of weeks ago, today's planned Summit was off.

We asked Han if he thinks denuclearization and reconciliation will actually happen, despite the country's dark past.

"I hope so but I think may be 70-80 percent this time, it will work," he said.

That's because Han knows North Korea is in no financial or economic shape to move forward because of very tight sanctions placed on the country by the UN Security Council.

"He doesn't want to hold the nuclear weapons while the people are starving, so he wants to exchange that."

And now time will tell, if Kim Jong Un's actions will match his word.

"Pray for the peace and the reconciliation of the North and South Korea."

Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula could take years, even decades.

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