Mid-Michigan police having difficulty disposing of unused pills

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (12/11/2017) - Drug takebacks are one of Mid-Michigan police agencies' most used tools to combat the spread of opioid pills spreading through the community.

The premise is simple. If you were prescribed 12 morphine or OxyContin pills to relieve pain and you only used six, give the remaining six to police and they will safely dispose of them.

Some police agencies accept unused medication 24 hours a day.

The problem developing nowadays is police are now having a difficult time finding places to dispose of the pills.

"So those people that have unwanted, unused or unwanted medications can drop those pills off here. No questions asked, you just walk in dump your pills in and walk out," said Grand Blanc Township Police Chief Ron Wiles.

For many Genesee County police agencies, the closest place that accepts unused medication is an incinerator in Grand Rapids -- a two-hour drive away.

"That's the best we have so that's what were utilizing," Wiles said. "It would be great to have something local. We don't so until that becomes available we just have to make the best of not a perfect situation."

After police say they heard of one police officer in Genesee County improperly disposing of these drugs, they now have additional precautions to follow.

"Whenever we remove pills from (the dropoff box) it's always a check and balance with two parties watching," Wiles said. "We go down and weigh it immediately. We seal it and then before we turn it over we reweigh it to make sure its the same weight that we had originally."

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