Mid-Michigan school opens health clinic in partnership with U of M

Published: Sep. 8, 2017 at 6:40 PM EDT
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(09/08/17) - A new school-based health clinic -- established through a partnership with the University of Michigan and Richfield Public School Academy in Flint -- is already seeing a great response.

"Our services being here placed in the building allows for your to return back to class and eliminate some of the access barriers for families," Angie Spence-Green said. She's the director of the University of Michigan's Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools.

Representatives of the school district and the University of Michigan held a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday for the new Richfield Academy Clinic.

"Our services range from general physical health services to mental health services, so anywhere in range from sick visits to acute care visits," Spence-Green said.

The clinic services youth ages 0-21. Richfield Public School Academy superintendent Pamela Haldy says her students have already seen some of the benefits.

"It has helped us to transition our preschool students to kindergarten and convenience for our parents because they offer preschool physicals and immunizations," Haldy said.

A nurse practitioner is the primary care provider and site supervisor here. They also have a clinical social worker on staff to provide mental health services and an MD that comes in once a week.

"We have a care coordinator here that provides seamless care coordination to ensure that our patients are going and being referred back to their patient home, and to us that's very very important," Spence-Greens said.

Haldy has been able to promote the care and convenience provided by the clinic staff when talking to new parents with concerns about their child's well-being.

"I said, 'Well we do have this clinic on site, how about if I take you down, I introduce you to our clinician and we can get started with a plan to support your child when she starts school tomorrow,' so the parent filled out the consent form, met with our social worker, and they have a plan in place," Haldy said.

This is one of five school-based clinics U of M has in Genesee County.

It's not only for Richfield Academy students but the entire community.

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