Mid-Michigan schools take precautions as temperatures soar

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (9/21/2017) - Record high temperatures in the 90s this week are leading area schools to take some precautions, particularly with athletic teams.

Players and coaches at Heritage High School in Saginaw took precautions during athletic events Thursday amid heat indices soaring over 100 degrees.

Several people complained about hot temperatures inside Doyle Ryder Elementary School in Flint, where the air conditioning wasn't working properly. The school closed on Friday because of a building issue, although administrators wouldn't confirm the temperatures were the reason.

At Thursday's JV football game at Heritage High School in Saginaw, there was plenty of water on hand to keep the coaches and players cool and hydrated.

Varsity players, who practiced just before the JV game, worked out without their pads and mostly all wore shorts to beat the heat.
The athletic trainer at Heritage kept a close eye on players, making sure they don't overheat.

Heritage Athletic Director Jim Noble said the hot weather precautions would continue until temperatures drop next week, including extra breaks during games and practices.

"It's 103 today, so we know it's hot and we have to take more breaks and the coaches are aware of that too," Noble said. "It is what it is. We have to play in it."

Health officials advise the public to wear loose light-colored clothing to stay cool. Also, remain indoors during the afternoon hours and keep fans running.

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