Mid-Michigan woman who survived H1N1 says her life depends on social distancing

MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (3/16/2020) - Michaela Davert is speaking out about taking the threat of the coronavirus seriously as the virus continues to spread.

Davert was diagnosed with H1N1 during the 2009 pandemic and spent several weeks in the intensive care unit fighting for her life. She is using her life experience to highlight the importance of controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

Davert said that she also suffers from underlying respiratory health issues. She also has a brittle bone disease. She said that coronavirus could be deadly to her and she is taking the threat seriously.

"I have been in social distance quarantine mode for about three weeks now," she said. "It's not a fun time for a lot of us. We are all making sacrifices."

Davert said that her family is also taking steps to protect her.

"This is a critical time for me to really protect myself and I count on my family to help with daily living tasks so I count on them to also practice this new trend that we call social distancing because it truly saves lives," she said. "And if we can do something to protect each other, I feel like that is something that we would all want to do."

Davert said that he has seen a lot of people taking the coronavirus seriously and is encouraged to see that. She supports the decisions that government officials are taking to prevent the spread of the virus.

"To see the government really say you need to stay home, they are not doing it to make us all miserable," she said. "They are not doing it so that we can just stop life, they are doing it to protect us. That we can all continue our life eventually outside these four walls in a healthy way."

Davert said that she wishes that people took the H1N1 pandemic just as seriously as this pandemic.

"When I was going through H1N1, these were the kind of measures that we wished the government would take back then," she said. "These were the kind of measures that we wished local communities would take."

As more cases continue to be reported of the coronavirus, Davert calls on everyone to do their part in trying to limit the spread of the virus.

"I know it's difficult for somebody who hasn't gone through something like this, to put yourself in my shoes but just know that I remember being awake in that hospital bed on life support unable to communicate," she said. "Not knowing if I was going to survive or not and it's times like this that brings those memories to the forefront. And I'm counting on anybody that's watching this to picture yourself and if that was your daughter or your child, or your aunt or your uncle in that situation. I wouldn't wish what I went through on anybody."