Mid-Michiganders enjoy brief warm spell before cold weather returns Friday

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FLINT (WJRT) (01/12/2018) - Thursday's spring-like weather in Mid-Michigan was cause to celebrate.

People enjoyed time outdoors, making the most it before they have to put the layers back on again.

After the sun set, it was 55 degrees outside the Pavillion at University of Michigan-Flint, where a group of runners congregated. The ice skating rink outside was reduced to a pool of water.

"It's 50 degrees warmer than it was two days ago," runner Brian Barkey said. "It's fantastic."

The dedicated runner used the warmer weather as a good excuse to break out the shorts.

"When you run, you warm up 20 degrees, so we're good," Barkey said.

He wasn't the only runner in shorts on Thursday evening. Runner Brenda Carmack shared the first thought that popped into her head when she learned about the warm up.

"Don't wear your pants," she said. "Wear your shorts or your three-quarter pants."

She opted for the latter.

Flint resident Bruce Bowers was wearing pants when we caught up with him in his neighborhood walking the dog. He left the ski jacket at home and walking his dog Meggie was a lot easier.

"When it's really cold her little paws get cold," Bowers said. "Every 100 yards she'll stop, hold up a paw and just wait for me to take my glove off and warm her feet."

There were no pauses for paw warming tonight.

Business at the Sparkle Buggy Car Wash was steady shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday.

Nathan Boyer said warmer weather means the cars, minus the thick ice, take less time to clean.

"It usually takes about four or five minutes just to get the car into the the tunnel to spray it all off," he said. "Compared to today, only takes about a minute or two to spray it off, out the other end in three minutes."

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