Midland County police searching for suspicious van with 'I (heart) Candy' bumper sticker

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MIDLAND COUNY (WJRT) (1/5/2018) - There is an active search in Midland County for a van with an unusual bumper sticker.

A 9-year-old girl says two men in that van offered her a ride and attempted to lure her with candy. The unusual bumper sticker on the black Ford or GMC van reads "I (a heart) Candy."

Police believe the girl's story because someone else has seen the van in the area.

The incident happened late in the afternoon on Dec 30 when the 9-year-old girl was walking home from a friend's house along Fike Road near M-30 in Edenville Township.

"She was approached by two men with ski masks in a van," said Midland County Sheriff Scott Stephenson.

The men didn't get out of the black van but called to her from a rolled down window.

"One of the men asks her do you need a ride," Stephenson said. "She did not respond to them and then they said, 'Would you like some candy?' At that point she ran to her friend's house."

Her friend's parents called 911. The girl says the van had a distinctive bumper sticker.

"There is a sticker that says, 'I love candy,' but instead of love, it's heart, so its 'I Heart Candy,'" Stephenson said.

Investigators said someone else has seen the van. Once news of the girl's encounter hit social media, another person reported to police that they saw that same van in the area of Saginaw and Stark roads in Midland three days before the girl saw the van.

The person was not approached by anyone in the van, but it had the "I love candy" bumper sticker on it.

Tom Davidson, who lives in the area of where the van approached the girl, said the incident is very out of character for the neighborhood.

"We don't have a lot of crime in the area," he said. "It is concerning. We have kids, we have great grandkids."

Davidson said he will be watching for a black van with that unique bumper sticker.

"People up here are very vigilant," he said. "They look out for each other."

Stephenson asked anyone who sees a 1990s black Ford or GMC full-size van with the distinctive bumper sticker to call 911.

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