Midland girl's lemonade stand taken by mistake, returned

Published: Jul. 3, 2019 at 6:28 PM EDT
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(07/03/19) - What was supposed to be a fun, sun-filled day serving lemonade quickly took a sour turn Wednesday morning.

Alex Hitsman set up his 9-year-old daughter's lemonade stand along Swede Avenue on Tuesday night so they didn't have to haul it out in the morning. It's near Plymouth Park.

"I went to get in my truck and leave for the day and it's missing," said Alex Hitsman.

As soon as they noticed it was gone they called the Midland Police Department.

"I was really sad," said Selena Hitsman.

The Hitsmans had put a lot into the custom-made lemonade stand.

"We tried to make it so that if people driving this way, they could see it, and people driving that way they could see it," Selena said.

They built it, sanded it and painted it. Selena loves the finished touches.

"The streamers and the umbrella so I don't get hot," she said.

Selena thinks her tasty treats are pretty good too.

"Lemon bars are really sweet and delicious, and the lemonade is really good," Selena said.

She wanted to set up shop to have some summer fun and to earn money. She hopes to buy a new bike and her parents decided to teach her about business.

"We'd also discussed profits and margins and your costs to do this," Alex said.

Selena learned a different lesson about honesty when the stand was returned a few hours later.

"Somebody down the street with granddaughters found it, and exactly what we thought, she was gonna take it and let her granddaughters have a lemonade stand," Alex said.

As the Hitsmans suspected from the beginning, someone took the stand believing it had been left at the curb for heavy trash pickup. It was an honest mistake.

"I'm proud of her, I'm proud of the community for getting together and that we have it all back," Alex said. "She got a lesson on how great our community is. What a wonderful place Midland can be."

From now on, the stand will be moved close to the house at night to avoid any further misunderstandings.