Midland senior living residents let back inside to access damage to homes

About 150 residents of Riverside Place in Midland had to evacuate quickly as floodwaters rose...
About 150 residents of Riverside Place in Midland had to evacuate quickly as floodwaters rose after the Edenville Dam collapsed on the Tittabawassee River.(WJRT)
Published: May. 26, 2020 at 5:34 PM EDT
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(05/26/2020) 8 weeks after moving in--

"I moved in the day before everything went to heck," said Riverside resident, Milton Trom

Milton Trom is moving out of Riverside Senior Living in Midland, but not by choice.

Flood waters forced residents to temporarily relocate. Trom's fourth floor apartment was spared from damage.

"Everything was great, everything in the basement and in the storage was trash," he said.

A week after being evacuated-- Tuesday was the first day residents and their relatives were able to go back inside their homes.

Tom Mctaggart helped his "in laws" move items out of their home.

"Everything in their apartment is fine. She just had a checklist of things because they are going to go up to their son's house in Gaylord," said relative, Tom McTaggart.

With no working elevator, family members like Lori Michewitcz said moving out is not only hard for her physically, but emotionally for her dad.

She said he is comfortable living at Riverside after two years there.

"Super hard. Out of the routine. He knows he has limited sight and mobility. So he knows he can maneuver here and downtown very well. So to now to bring him into a new environment and change of routine, is hard," said relative, Lori Michewitcz.

Director of planning for the city of Midland Grant Murschael, said the city is working as hard as they can to help residents get back into their homes.

"This demographic is a huge need within our society and it is certainly a need within the city of Midland and we want to provide this facility for seniors as quickly as we possibly can," said Midland Director of Planning, Grant Murchael.

In the meantime--Milton Trom was able to save some items from his storage.

A few of his favorite fishing poles.

"That's right. Very important," Trom said.