Midland's Table restaurant to close, new eatery to open in its place

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MIDLAND (WJRT) - (9/11/2019) - The Table restaurant opened with much fanfare in Midland's H Hotel about 11 years ago, but it will be closing in 11 days.

The Table restaurant inside Midland's H Hotel is closing on Sept. 22 to make way for a new eatery in January.

A new upscale restaurant will take its place, hopefully attracting more customers.

"It was developed as a fine dining restaurant and really served its purpose really well here at the H," said Derek Grimaldi, general manager of the H Hotel.

The Table restaurant opened along with Cafe Zinc and the Oxygen Bar in 2008 during a huge event hosted by the hotel's owner, Dow Chemical. The Table featured high-priced meals.

"We were at an upper price point for sure," Grimaldi said.

He said affordability was not the reason for the change.

"It didn't factor into why we are closing it," Grimaldi said.

However, he said times have changed, including the downtown Midland area, and The Table needed some new appeal.

"As the market changes and downtown has evolved we've really tried to see what the future looks like for the next ten years and feel that re-positioning this restaurant is beneficial to us and the community," Grimaldi said.

The goal with the change is getting more people in the doors.

The plan for the yet-to-be named restaurant will also include an improvement to the courtyard area.

"Provide some outdoor dining for both here at the new restaurant as well as our Oxygen Bar," Grimaldi said.

The new restaurant will have seating for 110, a new eat-in bar and a private dining room.

"Mid-century modern design tying into the history of Midland, American tavern cuisine which we think is far-reaching and appealing in the marketplace," Grimaldi said.

The Table is shutting down on Sept. 22 and the new restaurant is scheduled to open in late January.