Mindfulness class helps children cope with stress, stay on task amid distractions

FENTON (WJRT) (4/12/2019) - Kids are just kids, but they can also deal with stress like adults.

Experts say it’s best to teach them to coping mechanisms at a very young age. One instructor said it starts with something called mindfulness.

"It helps children not only with the everyday things like doing well in school, relationships, doing well in sports, increasing performance but also long term, it helps them deal with the stressors that can lead to health problems,” said mindfulness instructor Trice Berlinski.

Owners of the Vibe Well studio in Fenton, Jennifer Ream and Christine Landaal, created a space for children to have a "Mindfulness Class”.

"We know how much that helps people and it's just extremely important that was a part of our space," Ream said.

Children will play games that force them to listen and pay attention and encounter activities that require them to stay on task even when there are distractions. They're also meditating, learning how to stay calm, be in the moment and comprehend science of the brain.

"Even children as young as kindergarten can understand those concepts and I do a hand model to show them and break it down into their terms,” Berlinski said.

She has been working with children for a long time so she knows how beneficial it can be for a lot of kids.

"I've seen progress and it seems almost the worst the situation is the more the progress is so those who really need it the most seem to do the best,” Berlinski said.

Landaal's daughter is a student in the class. She's even seen a change in her daughter Samantha.

"I've noticed a big difference in those moments where she can get herself back where she needs to be to calm down," Landaal said.