Missing hundreds of dollars? Police looking for whoever dropped cash in gas station

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (7/9/2019) - Somebody is missing several hundred dollars in the Saginaw area and police are trying to find out who.

Saginaw police are looking for this man, who dropped $1,000 in cash accidentally inside the Express Stop convenience store on South Michigan Avenue around 8 p.m. July 6.

Surveillance cameras in the Express Stop store on South Michigan Avenue in Saginaw captured footage of the man dropping the cash -- then a woman picking it up and doing the right thing by handing it to the clerk.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. Sunday. Saginaw Police Det. Sgt. Matt Gerow is hoping someone recognizes the man missing the cash.

He said the man walked in the door and accidentally dropped the cash near a yellow caution marker. The man only got a cup of ice from the convenience store before leaving.

Several people walked by the money but apparently didn't notice it. Six minutes after the man dropped it, the woman noticed it, picked it up and handed it to the clerk.

Gerow said the clerk started counting the money and everyone realized there was more than they realized.

"It's a significant amount and the denominations are pretty unique that the person who lost is going to know exactly how much," he said.

Other surveillance cameras show the man driving away in a dark colored SUV. Gerow said the amount of money is large enough that the man most likely knows he lost it.

However, he is surprised the man hasn't retraced his steps back to the store nearly 48 hours later looking for it.

"I definitely would be going everywhere that I thought I might have lost it before," Gerow said.

Police are also looking to contact the woman who found the money. If the man who lost the cash doesn't claim the money, she could end up with the lost hundreds.

"If the gentleman doesn't come forward, the person that found it can actually claim the money after six months," Gerow said.