Montrose Township officials preparing to move into new complex

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MONTROSE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (12/27/17) - Workers are putting the finishing touches on a new public safety and administration complex in Genesee County's Montrose Township.

This will be the first time police, fire and elected administrators will all be in the same building.

Those agencies were working in some pretty cramped or run down buildings. But soon a $5.2 million facility will open just east of Montrose.

"It's just a huge improvement for everything we've had in Montrose Township," said Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer.

Rooms are much bigger than in the old location and there are plenty of conveniences the old place didn't offer.

"We're hoping everything we do is going to work out for our community in the long run," said Emmendorfer.

The new police station is connected to the administration building. It's a huge improvement over where they are currently based.

"Certainly the police department is ecstatic about moving in to their new digs," said Emmendorfer.

A large garage will mean police cars will no longer have to be left running outside. The fire station, which is linked to the police department, is state of the art.

"It's something the whole community can be proud of," Emmendorfer said.

The construction is on time and on budget. If everything is on schedule it will open Jan. 16.

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