Montrose mayor plans to vote in favor of medical marihuana ordinance

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MONTROSE (WJRT) (12/5/2017) - The Montrose City Council is scheduled to consider a controversial ordinance allowing medical marihuana facilities Tuesday evening.

Montrose Mayor Colleen Brown

The action comes 10 days before the state of Michigan will begin accepting applications for medical marihuana growing, processing and provisioning centers on Dec. 15.

Any facilities have to be located in a community that has approved them.

The council hosted a public hearing last March to discuss a proposed industrial-scale Cannabis Park to Montrose. That proposal drew strong reaction from people for and against it.

Montrose Mayor Colleen Brown says she knocked on doors to see how residents feel about this issue. She plans to vote in favor of the ordinance to allow medical marihuana.

"I have a very vocal opposition telling me that the majority of this town did not want this ordinance and did not want there facilities here, so I had to know for myself and I found that's not the case," Brown said. "It is not the majority whose opposed, although they are very vocal."

Tuesday's meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Montrose Community Center. Watch for coverage of the meeting online and on ABC12 News at 11 p.m.

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