More than 30 bike racks installed around Saginaw

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (9/13/2018) - Bicyclists in Saginaw have additional spots to park and lock up their bikes.

Three city department leaders installed more than 30 bike racks across the city.

The racks were purchased from a grant through the Saginaw Community Foundation. Forty racks cost $6,000 in all.

There are about two dozen locations where the racks will be placed, including Dawn of A New Day on Washington Avenue. Other locations include the Farmers' Market, Morley Plaza and the Andersen Enrichment Center.

"Even just driving, you know, through downtown or Old Town Saginaw, you will see bikes locked to street signs or trees or that type of thing and the idea is to simply give them a nice secure spot where they can lock their bicycle," said Brian Lechel of Saginaw County Parks and Recreation.

A maintenance fund will also help pay for upkeep with new paint every five to seven years.