More than a dozen $400 mailboxes mowed down in Grand Blanc Township plat

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (2/12/2018) - A neighborhood in Grand Blanc Township is upset after snow plows knocked down more than a dozen mailboxes while plowing streets over the weekend.

The homeowners association for the neighborhood around Woodfield Country Club south of Baldwin Road and east of Saginaw requires every residence to use the same style mailbox, which costs $400 to custom build.

Justin Villaire, whose mailbox was knocked onto its side, said he understands some damage just happens when plowing so much snow. But he's concerned the township doesn't understand how costly it can be for residents.

"You'd think after the first one or two mailboxes that you hit there's a problem," Villaire said. "Five, 33 later, here we are."

The Grand Blanc Township Department of Public Works plows most of its subdivisions. The township's longstanding policy for damaged mailboxes is offering $42 toward replacement.

Public Works Director Jeff Sears said the township also is willing to try repairing the damaged mailboxes at no cost.

Villaire said many neighbors clear snow from their streets so plows don't have to get close to their mailboxes.

"Well, obviously we would like our mailboxes replaced, but i took it upon myself and I cleared 20 feet on either side of my driveway, out to the center of the road, so it was nice and clear, so there was no reason why they need to get as close as what they got," he said. "If they are a few feet off the curb, I don't mind. I don't think my neighbors do either. I'd rather do that than have to replace my mailbox."

Sears said anyone in Grand Blanc Township who had their mailbox damaged should contact the Department of Public Works for assistance.

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