Grand Blanc High School gym is getting more than a face-lift

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Grand Blanc A local High School is giving a new face-lift to one of its older gyms making this place one of a kind in mid-Michigan.

The new remodel is going to give seasonal sports a spot to practice during the winter.

“Multi-use and multi-function facility for our athletic teams,” Grand Blanc Schools Director of Operations JP Adams II said.

Adams says after last year’s winter administrators pushed for the idea to give teams a space to practice indoors.
Now, the gym inside Grand Blanc High School West campus is under construction.

"The high school west gym is pretty underutilized or has been underutilized since we built the Tartonin gymnasium at the high school east a number of years ago,” Adams said.

Crews recently started the transformation by chipping away at the old paint and even found some old volleyballs stuck up near the ceiling.

They plan on giving the gym a fresh paint job, more lighting and the most significant and newest addition is this turf that will go over the old gym floors.

“We're basically going to turf the gym. We are going to strip it with lacrosse stripes, soccer stripes, football stripes,.. So, it will be a truly multi-function facility. So, it's not just soccer or a football-only facility."

JP Adams says the school decided to purchase a thicker pad underneath to give players a softer impact.

The total for the remodel is going to be around $200 to $250,000.

The Grand Blanc Athletic Foundation (GBAF) is assisting with funding for the project, which will include replacing the entire gym floor with artificial turf.

Fundraising began with the collection of parking fees for the Ally Challenge Golf Tournament in September.

"This is going to be great for our teams and our clubs that will be able to practice in a pretty much the start of the art facility,” Adams said.

Adams estimates this could be all done in February.

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