Morley Companies adding 200 more jobs, placing positions at Horizons center

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (3/11/2019) - The jobs keep on coming to one of Saginaw County's biggest employers.

Another 200 new jobs are being added at Morley Companies and those new workers will be stationed in a new location.

Morley announced in July it was bringing hundreds of more jobs to Saginaw County. The company offered few details then, but filled in some information on Monday.

The new jobs will be placed at the Horizons Conference Center in Saginaw Township.

"The two hundred new jobs are case management positions, so they will need skills as attention to detail, great customer service and document management," said Jill Gushow of Morley Companies.

The company landed a $2 million performance-based grant this past summer through the Michigan Strategic Fund. The 200 jobs are part of a plan to add 525 in all.

The jobs are being created because Morley has a new Fortune 100 global client, which it is not identifying. A new location was needed to add the jobs and Horizons was selected.

"The pay for these new positions that will be at the Horizons Center will be $11 to $14.50 an hour for starting and then team lead positions, management positions, IT -- those will all have commensurate salaries as well," Gushow said.

The new hires will put Morley at about 2,800 employees nationwide, with 2,000 of those in Saginaw County. Gushow said its four existing buildings in Saginaw County are at capacity.

"Every business has attrition -- every business including Morley -- but we are growing all the time and proof of that is our buildings are full," Gushow said.

The company's parking lots are full and they have to use nearby businesses parking spaces for its associates.

"It's a good problem to have," Gushow said.

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