Morrish Elementary School evacuated due to gas leak

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SWARTZ CREEK (WJRT) (9/17/2019) - Students and staff evacuated Morrish Elementary School in Swartz Creek after a natural gas leak was reported Tuesday morning.

The gas leak was reported before 10 a.m. Staff and students all went outside while the source of the leak was investigated. Superintendent Ben Mainka said teachers were taking care of students outdoors.

Around 11:30 a.m. Mainka said Consumers Energy and fire officials discovered a natural gas leak in the boiler room. Gas was shut off to the building, everyone returned inside and classes were continuing as scheduled.

Mainka said natural gas levels in the building were not dangerous at any time. Consumers Energy officials detected zero readings of natural gas and carbon monoxide in the school before students returned.

"We took precautionary measures, as we do not take risks with safety, and had our children evacuate and stay outside," Mainka wrote in Facebook.

Students and staff were allowed to go inside New Life Wesleyan Church next to the school and use bathrooms.