Mother Nature delivers a White Christmas along with slippery roads

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SAGINAW, Michigan (WJRT) - (12/25/2017) - If you're heading out on the roads, we've got three words for you, take it slow.

ABC 12 has been on-the-road for hours, to bring you more on what drivers in Mid Michigan are facing this holiday.

Slick driving conditions on local and side roads. We had the best luck on I 75.

The other concern is the dangerously cold wind chill factor during the overnight hours.

While the clock behind us reads 2 degrees, with the wind chill it feels like it's below zero.

From downtown Flint, to Frankenmuth, the snow squall helped deliver a white Christmas.

But it comes at a price.

"I was making a left turn out onto the expressway, hit a patch of ice," said Tim Murphy, "and a car came up and side swiped me."

His advice?

"Just go slow and take it easy," he added.

We left Flint Monday afternoon, passing a stranded vehicle on the side-of-the-road on 69 heading west.

On 475 North we encountered lots of slush, low visibility due to the wind, and another stranded vehicle.

Road conditions actually improved once we got onto 75 North.

The fortunate ones were those who were able to just relax at home this holiday, or join with others indoors for a Christmas celebration.

Those in need of a hot meal and a break from the cold stepped inside this building in downtown Saginaw for a Christmas dinner put on by Unity Works.

"Today I was given a fleece," said Kyle Bell, "nice thing to have at home when it's cold."

Bell also enjoyed a hot Christmas meal at Heavenly Realm Respite Services that hosted its first ever Christmas celebration.

While the twinkling lights in downtown Saginaw look beautiful,
the slick icy surfaces in parking lots are keeping Scott Prenzler busy.

"This one here is for 15 below," he said, "I have regular rock salt, only good until you hit five below, tomorrow it won't work."

The lights in Frankenmuth, always a draw for drivers, come with this caveat from driver Ken Wilson:

"They're really slippery and snow covered still."

On our way back into Genesee County, we noticed that the roads were more snow covered the closer we got to Flint...

Drivers we spoke with in Birch Run had this to say about their driving experiences this Christmas.

"Icy, slow, " noted a driver who was flying to California on Tuesday, "35- miles-per- hour."

"75's OK," said another driver, "just slow down."

"They're better when you get up north," said Bay City resident Stevie Michaels.

Genesee County Road Commission had more than 30 trucks out until 10pm, they'll be back out at 4AM.

Saginaw County has about 3 trucks out until 7am monitoring conditions and tackling blowing snow.

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