Mother Nature has it out for a Flushing Township couple

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Flushing Township (10/9/17) - Some powerful storms rolled through mid-Michigan Saturday night with high winds and heavy rain. This is the second time in a month a husband and wife are dealing with storm damage. Their two homes are 1,300 miles apart.

It seems like Mother Nature has it out for a Flushing Township couple. Not only was a silver maple heavily damaged by the thunderstorm Saturday night, but their property in Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma.

"I think Mother Nature is kind of gunning for me," said Tony Maroun.

When a powerful gust of wind struck Saturday night, a 40-year-old silver maple could stand up against it. Large limbs were torn off, even though they show no sign of rot or disease.

I heard just a large, long snap. I guess we knew right away it was a tree. We weren't sure which one because it was dark and it was still storming," said Maroun.

Some of the limbs hit a nearby shed but only caused minor damage. A chain link fence may not have fared as well.

"There's so much debris on the fence right now we're not really sure," said Maroun.

The Marouns own a house in Englewood, Florida on the Gulf Coast. Last month, Hurricane Irma came through and damaged some shutters and bent over a flagpole.

"We had a weather vane rooster on top of it and he lost the fight with Irma by the way," said Maroun.

Nearly half the tree is on the ground now, creating lots of firewood.

"There's plenty to last me a while," said Maroun.

"It look really bad from the house. We're going to take it out," said Shelly Maroun.

A tree service is expected to cut down the tree.

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