Couple scrambles to find new campsite after flooding at Bay City State Park

Published: Jul. 6, 2019 at 12:25 AM EDT
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(07/05/2019) - Heavy rainfall last week sent a Mid Michigan family scrambling to secure a campsite at the last minute this holiday week.

Mother Nature has not been kind to the Sherman family from Flushing in recent weeks.

"We got probably six - seven inches of water underneath our crawlspace," said Justin Sherman, "it was bad."

Heavy rain this spring forced Justin Sherman to replace his well pump.

What the family wasn't expecting was for rain to put a damper on their vacation plans this summer.

"He had stepped on my site, which is number 71, and that he sunk down when he stepped on it," said Ashley Finkbeiner.

A call from Bay City State Park yielded 2 options, either cancel their campsite, or take their chances.

"Getting stuck or your tent flooding," noted Sherman when going over the scenarios his family might face.

They opted to cancel, which left them scrambling.

"Trying to find another site 4th of July weekend," said Finkbeiner,"we were on the phone, both me and Justin calling, trying to find a place."

Fortunately there were still spots available at a private family-owned campsite in Midland.

"We're thankful for the mud not being here, because of the kids," noted Finkbeiner who has two young boys, ages one and three.

Another plus was not having to deal with more rain while camping.

A ranger at Bay City State Park said heavy rain and winds on Friday evening have impacted more than half of the campground, with several campsites having four to ten inches of water.

The showers did not, however, impact the Four Seasons RV Park in Midland.

Another unexpected surprise from the last-minute-change of plans involved having access to more amenities including a swimming pool and a fish pond.

While switching campsites ended up costing more, Ashley and Justin say in the end the switch was worth it.

They did receive a full refund after canceling at Bay City State Park.

With more family expected to join them this weekend, the couple says they're just grateful they were able to rescue the family holiday.

"When it comes to Michigan, it's either hot or cold, or rainy or dry, so you gotta roll with the punches," Sherman added.

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