Mother nature doesn't rain on Crim racers' day

Published: Aug. 25, 2018 at 3:46 PM EDT
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Runners showed up in downtown Flint early Saturday morning for the Crim Festival of Races.

But so did the storms.

Thousands came out Saturday's races. But they didn't get started off on the right foot, including Dave Howell who was one of the first to begin the 10 mile race.

"We were forced off the course at about 3 miles,” said Howell, a 30+ year runner of the Crim. “Told us the race was postponed. So we went to Kettering and stood around for a while."

Howell said when the delay happened they weren’t sure what to do.

“It was confusing because there were no instructions on what to do,” said Howell. “We were supposed to get a bus back, walk back or whatever. So we just got back out on the course and ran."

After about an hour and a half delay Mother Nature decided to take a rest and the race got back underway. Soon thousands of rain soaked shoes began putting the miles behind them and did what they came out to do.

Arlen Bates, a retired Marine from Lapeer, runs every year with a Marine Corp Flag to honor those who serve.

"This is my 30th,” said Bates. “It's awesome, Tired, just a wet day. But really it's nice running in the rain."

The weather delay took some runners back to the early Crim years when thinking about the last time something like this had happened.

“I think it might have been year 10,” said Michael Kildee of Swartz Creek who completed his 41st Crim Race. “It was a delayed start because of lightning and we started and ran in a downpour pretty much the entire race.”

At the end of it all, when they crossed the finish line and that medal was put around their neck, it was all worth it.