Motorist on I-75 survives impact from flying truck tire with no injuries

CLIO (WJRT) (11/28/2017) - Todd Kananen was driving down I-75 at 70 mph on Monday when every motorist's nightmare came true: A large object came flying toward him.

That object: A semi truck tire. He had no chance of avoiding it.

"It was like a bomb going off inside the truck," Kananen said. "I mean, there was just glass, just debris just flying."

The crash happened near the Clio interchange, which eerily is just a couple miles from where Kenneth White of Mt. Morris died after an object was thrown off the Dodge Road overpass into the van in which he was riding.

Photos of Kananen's pickup truck show significant damage to the front end.

"It was definitely something I've never witnessed before," he said.

Kananen said the tire he hit was one of two that broke free from a semi truck traveling in the opposite direction. His truck was a total loss.

"When I looked at the vehicle afterwards, the hood was bent up over the cab," he said. "You could see where the tire had hit on the very front edge front grill."

Kananen believes the size of the tire could have helped save his life. If it would have been an automobile tire, he said it could have landed inside the truck and seriously injured him -- or worse.

"Don't take anything for granted driving," Kananen said. "You just never know."

Police talked with the driver of the semi truck that lost its tires. They made sure important maintenance was completed before it hit the road again.

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