'Ms. Monopoly' empowers women with makeover of classic board game

Hasbro's "Ms. Monopoly" gives women the upper hand in creating a business empire by investing in female's inventions. (Hasbro)
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(9/10/2019) - Move over, Mr. Monopoly.

The classic board game is getting a women's empowerment makeover. "Ms. Monopoly" is a new iteration of Hasbro's popular "Monopoly."

Hasbro, which makes the classic game, says Mr. Monopoly is still a real estate mogul, but Ms. Monopoly seeks to use her fortune to invest in female entrepreneurs.

Players don't buy property in this version. Instead, they invest in inventions that were created by women and seek to create the largest business headquarters.

Hasbro says some of the inventions include WiFi, chocolate chip cookies, solar heating and modern shapewear all created by women

In another change, women make more money than their male challengers. Women make $240 when they pass "Go" while male players get the usual $200. Hasbro says that gives women an advantage often enjoyed by men.

"Ms. Monopoly" will sell for $19.99 when it hits store shelves later this month. The game is available for pre-order at Walmart starting Tuesday.