Mt. Morris Township approves 2 new cannabis-related businesses

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MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (05/23/19) - Mt. Morris Township officials have signed off on two new marijuana businesses in the I-75/Pierson Road area. The businesses still need to receive final licensing from the State of Michigan.

It is an area of Mt. Morris Township that has seen multiple businesses leave.

"Yeah it looks empty, like it need more business, more people," said Xavier Cook.

One location for the new business is the former Bob Evans. We're told the business has yet to pull permits to build. The other location is the former Denny's just down the road where work is already underway.

Lansing based medical marijuana company, Skymint, tells ABC12 there will be about 12 to 20 people working at the former Denny's location.

It'll operate some 70 hours a week for seven days a week. The shop will sell a variety of cannabis-related products, including flowers, vapes and edibles. Some people who live in the area are welcoming to the idea.

"I don't have any disagreement with them because they're bringing in new revenue for the township," Wade Logan said. "That's all over the country so we got to change with the times."

If given the final seal of approval from the state this would not be the first Skymint store in mid-Michigan. The first one in the state is opening in June in Bay City.

A spokesperson says they'll have 30 stores open by the end of next year.