Mt. Morris road work begins after three months

GENESEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) - 3 months later and finally, construction has begun on Mt. Morris Rd in Genesee Township.

After dozens of reported concerns due to a large dip in Mt. Morris Rd, the section between Bray and Center was closed indefinitely.

"To get to my doctor, hes out on Genesee Rd we have to make a trip all the way around, its just really ridiculous," says frequent traveler Bonnie Harriman. "I don't think they've done anything since they've blocked the road."

It just sat and sat with no work being done, something residents took notice of.

"It's been 3 months and what have they been doing in the mean time, nothing. I just wish for the people that live in this area, that travel the road could have the convenience of the road," says Harriman.

With the closure, local businesses say they're feeling the effects.

"Very slow, and not too much traffic," says Bray Road Diner's, Gary Cloud. "Our business has dropped about 30%."

Regulars have even started to notice the difference.

"We come here a lot and there just isn't people," says Harriman. "Usually about this time, they're starting to come in for lunch. I feel sorry for them."

Now, crews are out finishing what they started.

"It will push it along, hopefully get us more business if they get it done," says Cloud.

Those who travel the area say, its about time. The road will remain closed while the project is completed, it is scheduled to wrap up on July 14th.