Multiple drainage systems overwhelmed by rain amounts

BURTON (WJRT) (2/21/2018) - With the water rising, rivers and creeks are flowing rapidly but it doesn't have anywhere to go.

The city of Burton has several roads closed due to floodwaters spilling onto the surface.

"Until the water goes down, there's no place for the water to go," said Burton Department of Public Works Director Bob Slattery.

Water on roadways is a problem for drivers, but it's an even bigger problem for Burton's city crews.

"We're facing even more road maintenance needs in a budget that we don't have to do what we need to do now," Slattery said.

While drainage systems are in place, according to Slattery there's only so much water that they can hold.

"This is flowing from across the street and it's lower here on what would be the south side of the road," Slattery says. "The water is trying to get from here to there to find its level."

While storm drains can become clogged, they're cleaned regularly. But because of the creeks on the sides of the roads, these are the sections that they say flood almost every time there's a major rain storm.

"In a sense we can kind of count our blessings that it wasn't worse, but not without leaving its mark," Slattery said.

Floodwaters are starting to recede in much of Genesee County, as rivers and streams reach their crests. There's not much crews can do besides wait it out and and try to contain it as best they can.

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