Sexual assault victims speak out after hearing Nassar's guilty plea

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INGHAM COUNTY (WJRT) - (11/22/17) - Former Michigan State University and USA gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar has plead guilty to 7 counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Nassar took a plea deal which will drop 8 other charges related to the Ingham County case and no new charges will be filed.

"I agree that now is a time of healing, but it may take them a lifetime of healing, while you spend your lifetime, behind bars," said Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aqualina to Nassar in court Wednesday.

"I heard him say that he was guilty, I'm happy about that," said Christine Harrison, a former patient of Nassar.

Harrison is just one of the hundreds of women who have come forward with sexual abuse allegations against Nassar.

"Being a doctor, what he was, going through med school, you know that this could hurt people, you know how this can affect everyone, and if you know that, then why would you do it," said former Nassar patient Alexis Alvarado.

Nassar offered an apology in court Wednesday.

"I think this is important that what I've done today to help move a community forward and away from the hurting and let the healing start. It's a couple things I could do to stop the hurting is this -- and I think that's important for all those involved and that I am so horribly sorry," Nassar said.

Several of his former patients are calling his apology a manipulation tactic.

"I'm doing this for you guys, I'm doing this so you can start healing," said Larissa Boyce.

"I'm not comforted in knowing that one person is behind bars, this is not the responsibility solely of one person," said Jessica Smith.

Nassar will be sentenced January 12.

He faces a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Nassar also faces sexual assault charges in Eaton County along with federal charges of possessing child pornography.

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