Neighbor watched frantic mother run 1-year-old's body across street for help

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CARROLLTON TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (7/11/2019) - Amber Lutz was outside in her flower garden when she watched a startling scene unfold Wednesday evening.

The mother of a 1-year-old boy allegedly killed by her boyfriend dashed across the street from this house on North Michigan Avenue in Carrollton Township, seeking help with his lifeless body in her arms.

The mother of a deceased 1-year-old ran across the street with the boy's body, frantically seeking help. But it was too late and the boy was pronounced dead after first responders attempted to save his life.

The mother's boyfriend, a 25-year-old man who was discharged from prison earlier this year, is back behind bars facing a preliminary charge of open murder.

"I seen her running with her baby to the neighbor's and knocked on the door," Lutz said. "Just ran across the street, knocked on the door and they opened it."

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She lives on North Michigan Avenue in Carrollton Township next to the family's residence. The boy's mother and two other young children lived there for a short time, but they appeared to be a loving family.

"They were doing the chalk on the sidewalk," Lutz said. "Actually, we gave them some stuff, some stupid crazy dollar toys, and they had fun with them."

The woman's boyfriend was not the biological father of any of the three children.

"I never talked to him," Lutz said. "Maybe they moved in two months ago. I never met him."

The baby's mother was released from custody and allowed to stay with relatives after Wednesday's incident. The other two children, who appeared to suffer minor injuries, have been taken to a secure location, according to Carrollton Township police.

The Michigan Department of Corrections reports the suspect went to a prison boot camp in 2016 for attempted unarmed robbery, was placed on parole, absconded, got re-arrested in 2017, went back on parole and then jailed again in June 2018 before being discharged in February.

Lutz went for a walk last night and arrived home shortly before her neighbor ran from the home.

"If we would have come earlier and heard something," she said. "Why didn't we hear nothing? I was over here by my flowers, I didn't hear screaming, nothing."

The suspect likely will be arraigned Friday in Saginaw County District Court.