5 shootings in 5 days: Saginaw residents rattled as police scramble to investigate

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (10/31/2017) - Residents are Saginaw are rattled as police investigate the city's fifth shootings in the past five days, mainly people shot in cars.

The Saginaw Police Department is trying to get the shooters behind bars and calm nerves in some neighborhoods.

The first shooting in the recent string claimed the life of 54-year-old Shlindrill Bonita Lewis, who was found shot to death inside a car parked in the 2800 block of Capehart Drive in the Sheridan Park neighborhood.

Two shootings were reported over the weekend.

The two most recent shootings happened five hours apart on Monday near the intersection of Woodward and Alpine drives around 1:20 p.m. and near the intersection of North 6th Avenue and Norman Drive around 6:10 p.m.

"This needs to stop," said Albert Vasquez, who works at St. Joseph's Church a block from the 6th and Norman scene.

Police say a 47-year-old Saginaw man got shot in his car while driving north on North 6th Street, possibly by someone firing from another vehicle. The victim crashed his car into a tree and was listed in stable condition at a local hospital on Tuesday.

Police are looking for a blue pickup truck, possibly a Ford, that was seen fleeing the area around the time of the shooting. It may have a broken passenger side taillight and appears to have a spare tire installed on the rear passenger side.

"Some video in the area that suggests that the vehicle was in the area about the time of the shooting that we put out last night, the blue pick up," said Saginaw Police Det. Sgt. Oscar Lopez.

In the earlier incident on Monday, a 26-year-old Buena Vista Township resident was shot while sitting in an SUV on Woodward Avenue on the city's south side. He also was listed in stable condition at a local hospital, according to Saginaw police.

Despite the similarities in most of the incidents, investigators do not think any of the five recent shootings are related.

"There is nothing to correlate them at this point," Lopez said.

Nevertheless, the uptick in violent crime has Vasquez and others concerned.

"There might be retaliation on this shooting," he said. "You are walking down the street, bullets spraying all over the place. It's getting crazy, where even in the daytime you can't have your children outside playing."

Vasquez believes police need help from the community in stopping the violence.

"If you don't tell, you are just as guilty as the person who did it," he said.