Neighbors want something done about rundown vacant home

GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT)- (04/08/19) -There's nobody to take care of it and it needs to go away."

Neighbors say something needs to be done about a home that has sat vacant for more than decade.

For more than six years, Joann Weidoff has lived across the street from this.

"It's gotten bad the last couple of years."

With it's caved-in roof, and loose siding, it's clear the vacant home on Meadowbrook Drive in Genesee Township has become a shell of its former self.

"It really is . And we all keep our places up pretty good here."

As bad as the exterior is, Weidoff is also concerned about what might be hiding inside .

"That it would bring in rats and different wild animals. I know the neighbors that live next door, they expressed their concern about that."

We called the Genesee Township Assesor's office to find out more about the property.

We were told it's owned by a company called Meadowbrook Investment Inc.

The name listed is William Ferguson. The address listed is 4435 Meadowbrook Drive.

The same address as the house.

"The people that owned it passed away and then the son went to prison for embezzlement and the gentleman over there was kind of but then he passed away in January." Weidoff said.

"He was friends with the family and he knew the situation and he was mowing the lawn and keeping up the place, but he's gone now so there's nobody."

A notice on the door says the property is in foreclosure.

Weidoff is hopeful that means it will soon be gone.

"I think it needs to be torn down, because I don't think it can be repaired. I know there were some people looking at it last night because it's being repossessed, but they need to come in the daytime," Weidoff said