New Cosmic Crisp apples reaching grocery stores this month

Washington State University developed the Cosmic Crisp apple variety, which is designed to last a full year in storage. (photo by Washington State University)
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(12/3/2019) - An apple that could last up to a year in the fridge is starting to pop up at the grocery stores.

The Cosmic Crisp apple took researchers and farmers two decades to make. It's a mixture of enterprise and honeycrisp apples developed at Washington State University.

The high sugar content and acidity of the Cosmic Crisp supposedly prevents it from turning brown as quickly as other apples. It also is designed to ripen more uniformly.

“This apple was developed to make consumers happy,” said horticulturist Bruce Barritt, who helped develop the Cosmic Crisp.

Only apple growers in Washington will be allowed to grow the Cosmic Crisp for the next decade. The new apple variety is expected to reach grocery stores nationwide this month.

Only 450,000 boxes are available this year, but there should be more than 2 million boxes by 2020.