New I-75 pavement in Oakland County being torn up, replaced

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 1:25 PM EST
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(11/26/2019) - Some paving completed on I-75 in Oakland County this summer will have to be torn up and redone, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Officials determined the concrete laid down on the farthest left two northbound lanes between 13 1/2 Mile and 14 Mile roads and shoulders on two exit ramps was the wrong mix.

The incorrect mix could jeopardize its lifespan. MDOT is requiring the contractor to remove and replace that concrete before Segment 2 of the billion-dollar I-75 modernization project is completed in 2020.

"This is inspectors doing their jobs," said MDOT Metro Region Engineer Kimberly Avery. "The pavement designated for replacement is safe for drivers to use, but the long-term durability is compromised and the reason for our actions."

MDOT says contractors removed and replaced concrete on the Rochester Road exit ramp last weekend. The remaining concrete replacement on the northbound lanes and the Big Beaver Road exit ramp will be delayed until spring.

"This direction is the equivalent to enforcing a warranty," Avery said. "This action does not add additional costs to the contract and protects the taxpayer investment in the future.”

Both directions of travel are currently using the southbound side of the freeway between 13 Mile Road and Coolidge Highway.

Next year, the project will flip. When the northbound lanes are complete, both directions of travel will switch to that side so crews can rebuild the southbound lanes from 13 Mile Road to Coolidge Highway.

The $224 million Segment 2 involves reconstructing eight miles of I-75, including an additional lane of travel, improvements to 18 structures and the addition of noise walls.