New iPhone X available in Mid Michigan on Friday

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FLINT TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WJRT) - (11/03/2017) - If you're anxious to get your hands on the latest in iPhone technology,the wait is almost over.

If you pre-ordered the iPhone X you should have already been notified that your phone has been shipped.

At Best Buy in Flint Township, doors open at eight am to customers who pre-ordered:

"We'll find that out sometime tonight and call them and set up appointments," said Andrew Hall, a Mobile Supervisor at Best Buy.

Friday morning Best Buy will help customers who pre-ordered the i Phone X get their new phones set up..

The new iPhone X that everybody's waiting for has an edge -to-edge screen and does away with the home button. It also uses facial recognition technology to unlock the phone.

So say goodbye to using your fingerprint or entering a passcode with the iPhone X.

No one we talked with on Thursday evening has actually seen the new model.

"There's an Apple employee that will come here and open them and put them on display for us," said Hall, "they cannot be opened by anyone but him."

"When he gets here in the morning he will open those, put them on display - set them up to be ready for our customers."

Whether iPhone customers will go for the new price tag, the starting price is 999-dollars, depends on who you talk to:

"I got the eight because I like to stay up on the latest technology," said Nicholas Shemes, "given that it is the newest technology, I might break that lease and get it , we'll look at it first and see."

"It's a little pricey but if its all its cracked up to be I got a broke phone right now," said Joshua Shemes, "it's something I'll have an eye on and possibly buy."

"I think the facial recognition will be cool if it works," said Colin Roedel, "during the live demo it didn't so I'm curious to see what will happen if doesn't work, will it be another pass code. I don't think I'll get it because it's a thousand dollars."

If you didn't pre-order the iPhone X, you may be out of luck since a lot of stores only get a limited amount of phones.

But if you want to see how it works, on Friday Best Buy is expected to have the iPhone X on display.

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