New 'Kooky' shop brings delicious treats to downtown Lapeer

The bake-to-order cookie served hot in the pan is a highlight at the new Kooky's N' Cream bakery in downtown Lapeer.

LAPEER (WJRT) (8/28/2019) - What do you get when you mix ice cream and cookies? If you’re thinking cookie cream, you’re on the right track.

"We have four different flavors and that really is a blend of our homemade cookies that we blend with Michigan made ice-cream,” Jessica Harold said.

Harold and Patrick Hingst opened up Kookys N’ Cream in downtown Lapeer this month. Their goal is to bring something fresh, unique and tasty to town.

“I love being able to make them have that feeling they had when grandma served them something or their mom did some home cooking and nothing speaks to the heart like that than cookies,” Hingst said. "I think we are just one more thing pushing it over the edge to be an amazing downtown.”

Although cookie cream is their signature treat, the cookies themselves will make everyone's mouth water.

"We've got our campfire cookie with s'mores, which is a graham cracker cookie that is loaded with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Then it's topped with an Oreo cream and then its topped with marshmallows that we actually torch,” Harold said.

The German chocolate cookie is another top notch treat on the menu.

"Everybody has been really excited about that. We get a lot of feedback that it reminds them of their grandmother's German chocolate cake.”

The bake-to-order cookie is hot out of the oven.

"We bake it inside the same pan that we serve it in. It’s sharable -- great thing after a date,” Hingst said.

The new business is already making a name for itself, hoping to empower more women to become entrepreneurs.

"We are going to be a majority women-owned business pretty soon, so I’ll be able to offer franchises to women who've dreamed of starting their own bakery. We want to give them a system to set them up for success,” Hingst said.

Kookys N’ Cream is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.