New design for Saginaw absentee voter ballot envelopes

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (1/28/20) - The City of Saginaw announced the envelopes for voter absentee ballots had been updated.

It said the new, white envelopes with a blue stripe on the side had replaced the 'craft brown' envelopes.

The city said the return envelopes for ballots were designed with a green stripe.

It said it was all to help the postal service sort through and deliver ballots as fast and efficiently as possible.

Saginaw said the design was now the statewide standard and also made the wording more concise and easy to understand.

Absentee voters were reminded to sign the back of the return envelope before returning their ballot.

The city said absentee ballots could also be dropped in the gray drop box in the parking lot behind City Hall on South Washington Avenue, or brought to the City Clerk's Office in City Hall.