New iPhone feature makes dialing 911 easier in an emergency

FLINT (WJRT) (1/9/2018) - Apple has included a new feature on iPhones that makes dialing 911 easier in an emergency situation.

Simply tapping the lock button five times in three seconds brings up the new Emergency SOS feature. The program then brings up a screen where the user just needs to slide a button to call 911.

After a three-second countdown, the emergency call goes through. The feature can be configured by the user to automatically relay their medical information and emergency contacts to dispatchers.

"I think its an awesome feature, especially with things that have been going on lately," said Courtney Burt. "Just having that control there makes everyone feel a little bit more comfortable."

Users can go into the settings on their Apple device beforehand to change a setting that would make it even easier: Starting the three-second countdown simply with the five taps.

"I was a bit skeptical on it, but now I'm hearing more about it, which is awesome," Burt said. "People are starting to know it's there so people can put it to use."

Emergency personnel have yet to comment on the feature.

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