New law aims to protect bicyclists

FLINT(WJRT) (9/27/2018) -A recently passed bike law in Michigan goes into effect today.The new law requires drivers heading in the same direction as someone riding a bike to pass with at least three feet of distance to the left of the bike.

"My brother-in- law, he rides on the roads and he's had a couple of close calls so I think it's great for people who ride on the roads," Mike McGovern said. He's a biker.

However, if there's not enough room for a three feet gap, drivers will have to safely pass the biker.

"The bicyclist needs to stay to the far right as possible, and if it's safe to do so to maintain the lane without crossing the double center line."

Michigan State Patrol says if anyone is caught disobeying the law, they are subject to a civil infraction. This means you could be fined, referred to a special program or even get jail time.

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