New police K-9 borrows name from beloved Officer Tammy Bice

Published: Nov. 29, 2018 at 6:06 PM EST
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(11/29/2018) - "We heard about it when it happened; and, instantly when I heard about it, I knew there would be a dog donated in her name. But, it had to be the right dog, too," said Jason Foltz.

Now one year after Grand Blanc City's Officer Tammy Bice took her own life, Foltz is just three months away from donating a K-9 in her name.

"In 2005, I lost my little sister to suicide; and the promise I had made to her at her bedside, before we had to pull life support, was to help other people suffering and create programs that work for those suffering," he explained.

Foltz co-founded Prevention Concepts and Solutions to do just that. The organization offers canine therapy to those working through substance abuse, mental health issues or trauma.

"Just seeing what dogs do in people's lives and the way that they're able to touch and transform lives, it's incredible to see," Foltz added.

Lives like combat Army veteran Daniel Cusenza's. He's been training K-9 Bice over the past 6 months. Cusenza said she's been a big help as he deals with PTSD.

"She can do a building search for a criminal. She obviously does criminal apprehension, she loves that. We're training her for searching. It's undetermined if she's going to do narcotics or bomb work, bomb detection," he explained.

And, the organization hasn't decided which department K-9 Bice will join in a few months; but, Cusenza said he's working hard to train her to live up to her name.

"I can't let anybody down. I've really got to train her to be that elite star," he said. "And, she will. She'll be one of the best!"

Officer Bice's Mom, sister and her pet rescue family, Pets in Peril, thanked the team for the honor Thursday. Then, they got to watch K-9 Bice do a few exercises.

"To hear how great of a person she was and for me to be able to train a dog in her honor it's just, it's humbling," Cusenza added.

You can meet K-9 Bice this Sunday in Shelby Township at a fundraiser to get her a bullet proof vest. Click on the 'Related Links' section of this story for more information.

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