New virtual library soon coming to Flint Development Center

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FLINT (WJRT) (9/11/17) - It's an exciting time for the Flint Development Center, formerly Bunch Elementary.

Thanks to a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corp., the center will be getting a new virtual library.

"What it does is it helps the community to be able to come into the building, use the Mac computers that we'll have. We'll have 11 stations set up. They'll be able to save their information in the cloud and then they can also use it at home," said Evergreen Community Development Initiative CEO Shelly Sparks.

The virtual library will work hand in hand with other parts of the center, like the business hub.

"They will do resume writing. It would help do job searches. It would also be able to help them to improve their skills as far as reading and literacy," Sparks said.

Sparks said something like the virtual library is exactly what a city like Flint needs.

"Our job as community advocates is to create a safe place and an environment where they can learn. Say, for example, they don't have their GED, or if they can't read or write, we need to offer those kind of opportunities for people here," she said.

The library is expected to be completed within the next couple of months. They're hoping the rest of the building will be renovated completely next year.

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