'No breed ban' bill introduced by Grand Blanc senator

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (01/11/18) - Some cities are taking it upon themselves to consider some dog breeds dangerous, but some people do not think an opinion is enough to ban the dogs.

Senate Bill No. 741 was introduced Wednesday by Grand Blanc Senator David Robertson. The bill would prohibit local governments from creating or enforcing a policy to regulate a dog based on the breed or perceived breed.

"I think the enforcement of a breed ban, if you will, would be difficult to do at any rate - and most of the dogs - it really depends on how they were raised. I don't think you can assign any particular behavior to any particular type of dog," said Genesee County Animal Control Director Paul Wallace.

Amid multiple stories of pit bull attacks - some view the bill as a way to break down the stigma associated with them.

"I don't believe anyone, any place in Genesee County has an ordinance against any particular breed of dog. I do know that some apartment complexes, mobile home parks have some breed specific restrictions. That's private property and I don't think this bill is addressing that," said Wallace.

The bill would not stop a local government from putting a policy in place to impose additional restrictions on dogs or dog owners.