No clothes, just two loaded handguns found in dryer in Bay County complex

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 5:06 PM EST
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Police in Bay County are hoping the public can help solve a strange mystery

They are hoping to identify the owners of two guns that were found in a very unusual place.

"There were a 22 caliber and a 38," says Mike Wedding of the Hampton Township Public Safety Department.

Finding guns like these may not be all that unusual, but where they were found is what makes this story strange and scary.

"They found two loaded handguns in a dryer, and its a communal dryer in the apartment complex, one building," he says.

The two handguns were found in this apartment complex in Hampton Township on Scheurman. A 13 year-boy who lives at the complex made the discovery on the morning of February 9th.

"Went and told his parents right away, which kids should do, if they find loaded guns or weapons like that, tell your parents, who then called police, they did everything just right," Wedding says.

Ever since the discovery, police are trying to find out who put the guns in the dryer and why would they put them there. Wedding says one of the guns is registered to a man who lives in Saginaw County.

"We haven't been able to contact with him, we have tried to contact him by phone and the police department," he says.

The older firearm was not registered. People at the apartment complex were questioned, but investigators are not sure who put the weapons in the dryer.

"And loaded, that is the most dangerous and bothersome thing about this," says Wedding.

He says anyone connected to the placing of the guns in the dryer and the firearms are not registered to them, criminal charges are possible.

"If they recognize the guns and know anyone that had guns like that, we really would like to find why they were put in the dryer there," he says.

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