No room: Suspect in Saginaw assault remains in jail with psychiatric hospitals full

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (6/13/2018) - A Saginaw man accused of beating a woman nearly to death is now asking a judge for help.

Timothy Green

Timothy Green, 34, has been ruled incompetent to stand trial, but remains in jail because there is no room for him in state psychiatric facilities.

"He is in a cell, by himself" at the Saginaw County Jail, said Undersheriff Phil Hart.

The court ruled Green dangerous, mentally ill and incompetent to stand trial in the February beating, based on the report from a state forensic examiner issued on April 4.

In the competency report, it states that Green hears voices telling him to hit people. In jail, Green is accused of beating up another inmate in late February.

"The other inmate, having to go to the hospital, received stitches," Hart said.

Green wrote or had a letter written and sent to Judge Randall Jurrens in which says he may assault someone again in jail. The letter states Green is getting medication but is supposed to be getting treatment at a state psychiatric facility.

Hart wishes there was a place to send Green for incarceration outside the jail.

"Our officers, obviously, are not trained mental health professionals," he said. "We do have those on staff, but they can't be in everyone's cell at all times."

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says there are simply not enough beds in the five state mental health facilities and Green is on a waiting list.

The forensic examiner said with proper treatment Green could be eventually ruled competent to stand trial. But for now, Hart said housing Green in jail is taking up resources.

"He is not moved unless there are two officers present and is completely chained, shackled," he said.

Green's attorney, Jim Gust, said the situation is tragic with the government having no place for people like his client to stay except in jails and prisons.

"Someone that has mental health issues, the best and safest location from them is not necessarily the jail," Hart said.

Rogers continues to recover from her injuries.