Oakley decides to not renew police chief's contract after federal raid on his home

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OAKLEY (WJRT ) - (10/10/2017) - The Village of Oakley is parting ways with its police chief.

Tuesday night, the Oakley Village Council voted unanimously to not renew Police Chief Robert Reznick's contract when it expires on Nov. 8. The decision to not renew his contract comes just days after ATF agents raided his home, removing guns and at least one laptop.

It's the latest in a series of controversies for the village, including a police reserve unit he launched that attracted wealthy individuals and celebrities. Kid Rock applied for the unit, but it's not known if he ever actually joined the ranks of reservists.

Council members we spoke with on Tuesday night say the raid last week played a role in their vote.

Council President Richard Fish said he's fed up with the drama.

"We're not firing him at this time," said Council President Richard Fish. "We're taking the way way out, no liability."

Council member Jennifer Hart says the decision to not renew the chief's contract was a no-brainer after his home was raided by federal agents last week.

"I was shocked, but I mean he hasn't been pronounced guilty of anything so I mean we're not firing him, we're just going to not renew his contract," she said. "There's still going to be drama, there's still going to be turmoil in this town because some people are just never happy."

The IRS is also involved in the federal investigation, but Reznick has not been arrested or charged with any crime. A spokesman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said they are not allowed to comment about an ongoing investigation.

Reznick could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The village paid Reznick $500 a month for his services, but it was the formation of a large reserve unit that drew the ire of some residents.

Fish says that unit is no longer in operation, but the ensuing controversy has angered some. Others, like Fish's mother, thinks the entire ordeal has taken an ugly turn.

"Everyone's acting like children," said Nellie Fish, referring to a sign that's been posted in the yard across her street which reads "Fire Reznick," along with the names of other board members.

Fish made it clear to the council that the federal raid was on Reznick's home, not the Oakley Police Department.

The contracts of six other part-time officers were also not renewed at Tuesday's meeting.

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