Police cleared in fatal shooting of man outside Kroger in Genesee Township

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GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (7/11/2018) - Some Flint-area police officers and Michigan State Police troopers who shot and killed a man outside a Genesee Township Kroger store will not face charges.

Kevin Hall

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton announced Wednesday that the officers were justified in opening fire on 41-year-old Kevin Hall because they believed he posed an imminent threat to life and safety.

However, Hall apparently was not armed with a handgun when he was shot. Based on statements from Hall and a woman with him, police believed a pair of pliers was a handgun when they opened fire.

“We conclude the officers’ decision to use deadly force in this instance was justified,” Leyton said. “Officers reasonably believed the suspect was armed and dangerous and a threat not only to the officers but to the public at large.”

Hall allegedly had robbed a Chemical Bank branch in Genesee Township the morning of March 23. A man and woman also in the van -- but who didn't enter the bank -- got out after police initiated a traffic stop.

Hall remained in the van in a parking lot outside the Kroger and Admiral gas station at the intersection of Richfield and Center roads. The woman in the van told a 911 dispatcher Hall was armed with a gun and Hall told police he was armed during the ensuing standoff.

Hall told police he wanted to "commit suicide by cop" and refused to go back to prison.

After a standoff in the parking lot, Hall jammed the van into gear and tried to ram his way out of a roadblock. After smashing into a police cruiser, he flung open the doors of the van and advanced toward police surrounding it.

Leyton said Hall was carrying a silver object in his hand, which he did not specifically identify. However, investigators pointed out a pair of silver Vise Grips pliers were located on the ground near Hall's body.

Hall raised the object in a threatening manner, leading police to believe he was armed with a handgun.

Nine Flint-area police officers and Michigan State Police troopers opened fire on Hall in the parking lot. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

“Based on the information officers possessed, it was reasonable for officers to conclude hall was armed. The shooting was justified,” Leyton said.

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